United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is a global leader in the struggle against illicit drugs and international crime, and the lead United Nations entity for delivering legal and technical assistance to prevent terrorism. Headquartered in Vienna, UNODC operates 54 field offices around the world, covering more than 150 countries. In 2011, UNODC project office was opened in Georgia.

UNODC work falls into five thematic areas: organized crime and trafficking, corruption, criminal justice reform, health and livelihoods, and terrorism prevention. UNODC country programmes support and complement these themes and translate them into action. Working directly with the Government, international organizations, other United Nations entities and civil society groups, UNODC acts as a catalyst for action by developing and implementing programmes that are tailored to the needs of the country and the region. UNODC also works with domestic and international media and mobilizes online and social media to raise awareness among stakeholders and the general public about the challenges transnational criminal activities pose and effective approaches to confront them.

UNODC offers in-depth expertise and a broad array of innovative tools and resources to prevent or

address crime, drug trafficking and terrorism; advice and assistance to counter these threats to security; accurate and reliable evidence-based research to inform and support policy and operational decisions; legislative and legal support to strengthen criminal justice institutions and the rule of law; norm setting to promote and establish best practices; and a wide range of technical assistance to enhance the capacity of Governments to build and sustain a safe and stable society.


Contacts in Georgia:

Ms. Naida Chamilova,

Head of Programme Office


UNODC Project Office in Georgia
2 a, Kazbegi ave. Tbilisi Georgia

Tel: +995 322 204221