Office of UN Resident Coordinator

The Office of Resident Coordinator supports the functioning of the resident coordinator system, in which all UN agencies play a role. It is upon the Office of Resident Coordinator for the United Nations in Georgia to ensure that Georgia benefits to the maximum extent from all the development oriented activities of all the UN agencies.

For this purpose the Office of Resident Coordinator in close partnership with the government of Georgia, civil society and other national and international partners,  conductsthe Common Country Programming Process, assessing the priority areas (through theCommon Country Assessment (CCA)) and developing a UN plan of action (United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). It is a process of planning and prioritisation normally carried out every five years, which ensures that the UN assistance programmes are well targeted and consistent with national priorities.

Since many UN agencies are active without a permanent presence, the Office of Resident Coordinator has to facilitate and mobilize the best the UN system for development can offer.

The Office of Resident Coordinator  cooperates and collaborates with many international and bilateral organisations, international and national NGOs, the private sector, and Georgian civil society as well as donor countries.

The UN Resident Coordinator's Office serves as the Secretariat of the Donor Coordination Group.