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Georgia became a member of FAO in 1995. In 2004 the FAO Sub-Regional Representative for Central and Eastern Europe was accredited as FAO Representative in Georgia. The FAO Country Representation Office was inaugurated in Tbilisi on 4 November 2004, and the post of assistant FAO representative was created. FAO's mandate in Georgia is to support national efforts to promote food security and facilitate sustainable development in the agriculture, forestry and water management sectors.

The organization discharges its many functions through offering technical assistance in the form of project requests made by or through the government.

Priority areas:

FAO's key priorities in Georgia are to assist the government in creating and enforcing an institutional, legal and regulatory environment, to facilitate a better development  of agricultural sector.


Contact Person:

Mamuka Meskhi, Assistant FAO Representative

6, Marshall Gelovani Street, Tbilisi