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IOM and Georgia – 20 Years Together

Managing Migration for the Benefit of All

Humane and Orderly Migration Benefits Migrants and Society

Since its establishment in 1993, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission to Georgia has fostered effective partnership with the governmental structures to support development of national migration related management systems, nurtured civil society development, provided diverse services for various groups of migrants and implemented public awareness raising and education initiatives on migration-sensitive issues.

Over the course of its 20 years of operation in Georgia, the International Organization for Migration has transferred experience in the fields of justice and home affairs, emergencies and post-crisis response, migration and health, immigration and border management, migrant assistance, labour migration and human development, migration policy and research and provided capacity building for all migration related structures.

Under the framework of its programmes, the International Organization for Migration Mission to Georgia extended the following services for migrants:

  • Provided movement support to more than 500 foreign migrants;
  • Supported assisted voluntary return and reintegration for over 2,100 Georgian migrants (within the period of 2003 – 2013 only);
  • Within the framework of the Georgia-EU Readmission Agreement, supported the reintegration of over 600 Georgian returnees (2011 – 2013);
  • Assisted over 8,000 Georgian nationals with employment (2010 – 2013);
  • Funded and supported over 1,000 start-up businesses (2010 – 2012);
  • Provided counselling, orientation and support services to over 35,000 Georgian nationals (2010 – 2013);
  • Awareness raising, prevention and education activities outreaching to over 500,000 targeted groups of population;
  • Vocational training for over 4,000 Georgian nationals (2010 – 2013 only);
  • Capacity building for over 25,000 government officials and civil society.

IOM contributed substantially to the development of the migration management systems of Georgia, in particular in the field of border management, data management, IT systems’ development, infrastructure upgrade, training facilities’ development, methodological guidance, combating migration related crime, prevention of irregular migration, supporting legal migration, migration and development.

In 2013, the International Organization for Migration Mission celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its presence in Georgia.

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