UN Theme Groups

UN Theme Groups

The UN Theme Groups are consultation mechanisms at the country-level on specific themes relevant for the development of Georgia. The quality work of the theme groups is one significant precondition for the overall effectiveness of the UN's presence in the country. The current theme groups were formed around the areas which on the one hand have been identified as most challenging from the development viewpoint and on the other hand are of common interest for the majority of the UN Country Team members.

For the time being there are the following UN theme groups operational:

  • UNDAF Poverty Reduction
  • UNDAF Democratic Development
  • UNDAF Disaster Risk Reduction
  • UNDAF Monitoring and Evaluation


Other Theme Groups are:

  • Human Rights Coordination Group
  • Joint UN Team on Gender  (UNGTG)
  • Joint UN Team on HIV/AIDS
  • Operations Management Team (OMT)
  • UN Communications Group (UNCG)